TCDC Creative Seating Competition

TCDC is holding the “TCDC Creative Seating Competition” to search for a new seating served as the seating in TCDC Charoenkrung’s co-working space. This space is aimed to encourage knowledge and idea exchange, as well as to provide business consult to TCDC member, user, experts and creative talents.

The purpose of co-working space is diverse. The design, then, requires research and analysis according to objective. TCDC has gathered additional information on the environment and activities of TCDC Co-working Space as a guideline to the TCDC Creative Seating Competition including area context, activities and users, design concept and philosophy of the new TCDC. This helps the designer to comprehend the need and accordingly design the seating served diverse usage at TCDC Charoenkrung.

Client: TCDC
Date: 2016