Change SMEs

Change SMEs by TCDC | 21-24 January 2016

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Thank you for all support in 2015

I-Design Magazine | December | Designer of the month

Esquire (Thailand) Magazine | August | Culture, Design

Thailand Innovation and Design Expo 2015

T.I.D.E. 2015 //

Cordesign Studio participate in Design Service Society and first launch of our designed project for Klank wireless speaker at Design Bazaar Zone.

Design Excellent Award 2015!!

Our design work, Klank wireless speaker got Design Excellent award 2015 (Demark) in category of Industrial design. Thank you for all jury awards.

Let’s get KLANK

New project! Klank wireless speaker

Zensorial brand

New project for Zensorial brand will be launch at Design Plant 2.5 exhibition & TIFF 2015

Wood working

New project is coming soon.

Feat. with ECOshop brand

We are delighted to be working with ECOSHOP brand for hemp project. For more information please visit

We are design lovers.

In Thai, CORdesign is mean design lover.

Mitr Phol packaging & display design

Apart from product design, we did some projects like packaging design or display design as well.

Our recent work, new product from sugar and sugar packaging mock up concept display for Mitr Phol lobby.