Our new design in Bangkok Design Week 2020

We are pleased to launch our new design “Warp stool” and participate in exhibition of THINKK Together #3 Why Do We Need Another Chair

EPDA 2019 Winner

This year we got 2 awards from 2 categories. Thanks to all juries. Cheers,

40 Under 40

Warin Thanathawee has been selected for 40 Under 40 project, many Thank to all juries.
Hong Kong’s Perspective magazine organized 2018’s 40 Under 40 Awards, celebrating 40 young creators from different professional creative disciplines (art, architecture, interior design and product design) from the Asia-Pacific region. art4d collaborated with Perspective toward the selection of Thai creative workers to be featured in the selection process with the 40 Under 40’s judging panel making the final decision. The chosen creative professionals from Thailand include Vasu Virajsilp, Somchai Jongsaeng, M.L. Kathathong Thongyai and Vipash Purichanont (we combined graphic design into the art genre). Thailand’s creative industry is never lacking of talents. In the age of highly driven and motivated creative ability, these people learn to adapt themselves to the contemporary times. They learn new things fast and are eager to experiment and take risks. More importantly, they are given the chance to express their ability that has been waiting to explode in such an exciting manner.

Demark Award 2018 | CORE77 Design Award

We are so pleased our project got Demark Award 2018 and CORE77 Award Notable. Thank you to all juries.
Nasket – Industrial Design
Rai mai jon – Packaging

Check this out! Link
Award CORE77 Award Link

iF Award 2018 | Rai Mai Jon bottle design

Thank you for the good news that we have won iF Design Award 2018 (Germany) for project we collaborated design and development with Prompt Design in packaging category.

Client | Numaoy raimaijon Co.,Ltd. น้ำอ้อยไร่ไม่จน น้ำอ้อยพาสเจอร์ไรซ์
Bottle designed by | CORdesign Studio
Label designed by | Prompt design

T.I.D.E 2017 | Create. Innovate. Transform.

T.I.D.E 2017 | Create. Innovate. Transform.